European Low Voltage Industry Contribution to Smart Grid

15 nov. 2012 / EUROPE

European Low Voltage Industry Contribution to Smart Grid

Energy efficiency challenges have thrown the spotlight on the potential of the smart grid. The Low Voltage European Industry is deally positioned to help industry, commercial buildings, and the residential sector exploit that potential. Energy efficiency is top of the agenda for countries and companies alike as they rethink the way they manage their electricity usage. Driving that reappraisal is the smart grid and its new paradigm where supply and production dynamically interact to ensure balance across the grid. The European Union, for one, is thinking ahead to the day when the Europe-wide smart grid is operational. It is already working on setting global standards for energy efficiency. As part of that effort, a group of major players from the low voltage electrical industry has come together under the name of CAPIEL to define and standardize the interface between local smart grids and nationwide public smart grids.

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